Life-Changing Prayers

Life-Changing Prayers: Seeking God's Power for Spiritual Transformation 

Few experienced more spiritual transformation than the Apostle Paul. For all his amazing accomplishments in spreading the gospel and writing most of the New Testament, it was his prayer life that fueled the lasting change in his life. 

In this 4-week series, we will explore 4 prayers that made the impossible possible. We will learn to pray these life-changing prayers for ourselves and for others. Paul prayed these prayers and the unimaginable happened. He received power, strength, guidance, and wisdom. Dare we believe it can happen again? 

This new year, as we study and pray together, prepare to see your life begin to change through these life-changing prayers. 


Study Guide | Download PDF HERE

Week 1 - A Prayer for Power
Week 2 - A Prayer for Strength
Week 3 - A Prayer for Guidance 
Week 4 - A Prayer for Wisdom

Use the weekly sermon notes to follow along with each week's message.

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