Make It Count: Following Jesus To Live A Fruitful And Purposeful Life

We live in a fast-paced society. It’s the norm to keep up with evolving news cycles, changing trends, and rushed schedules. But a life that is filled with busyness isn’t what God intended for his people. Jesus gave his disciples a pattern for what really matters in this life - a life filled with significance and purpose. This pattern of living still applies to us today as followers of Jesus. If we want to make this life count, then as disciples, we need to follow the outline Jesus provides for his disciples in John 15. Jesus declared to his disciples to remain, dwell, and abide in him! Want to live a life that counts? Acknowledge God, join with Jesus, abide in him, bear fruit, and repeat. The life Jesus offers us is not just a full life, but a fruitful life. Join us for this 2 week series, January 2 and 9. As we start the new year, let’s make it count! 

No Study Tools provided for this series. Read John 15 and spend time in prayer as you begin the new year.

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